Startup Boost

Hey, I'm Jade Sehbat, your go-to person for making things happen; I'm all about getting sh*t done! If you're a person looking to launch and grow a business, I'm your guy. I love connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, transforming ideas into action, and helping startups hit that first 100 customers or reach a million in revenue - ASAP.

I've got a knack for reviving struggling businesses, taking them from barely hanging on to thriving profitability. I've got this awesome network filled with folks who are basically walking encyclopedias of knowledge. They're not just smart cookies; they're also super willing to jump in and lend a hand to help businesses hit success. 🌟

Whether it's an idea, an existing startups, sales, marketing, growth, branding, business development, strategic partnerships, advisory or just motivating and leading a kick-ass team - I can assist you as your guide to success.

Send me your deck or what your struggling with and I'll see if I can help!!

Shoot me an email telling me what you want to work on!